I want to nurture the human mind with the power of art

-Philosophy of Soei Gallery


Touching beautiful things fills your heart and makes you smile.

Energizing people's hearts is the greatest role of art.


Since I joined Taimei Gallery (Ginza) in 1980, I have been developing eyesight to recommend really good artwork to our customers. For more than 40 years since then, we have sincerely continued to bridge the gap between masterpieces such as Western paintings, Japanese paintings and sculptures, and customers who seek them.

The purpose of establishing the Soei Gallery in 2013 is the same.

I want to convey the goodness of art that enlivens people's hearts. To achieve this, valuable works are introduced at reasonable prices.

If you have any problems with selling or cashing in for inheritance of art, please feel free to contact us.


To brighten Japan

-Artists introduced by Soei Gallery


Introducing fun and hopeful works and artists that brighten Japan.

From famous masterpieces of famous painters such as Renoir and Picasso to contemporary artists of Western and Japanese paintings, and up-and-coming young works.

We will also hold exhibitions on crafts such as glass art, dyeing, ceramics, and contemporary art.


Soei Gallery Co., Ltd.

Hideo Ebihara